NEW: Add Custom Fields to B2B Handsfree's registration form

Up until now, B2B Handsfree's B2B registration form had a fixed set of fields which could not be modified. Unsurprisingly, being able to add your own fields to the form was the feature users asked for most.

Now, with the new Custom Fields feature, you can add custom fields to B2B Handsfree's registration form and capture additional data from your B2B customers. You can choose from a variety of field types, like text, number, date, checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdown menus. You can configure various options for each field, including whether a field is mandatory or optional.

B2B Handsfree Custom Fields

Custom Fields are available on B2B Handsfree's Advanced plan. To upgrade, go to B2B Handsfree in your Shopify store admin and then click on View/change plan.

You can find out more about the new Custom Fields feature in this support article.

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