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B2B Handsfree

Use a special registration form for your B2B customers that includes real-time EU VAT ID validation.

Automatically add tags to your new B2B customers when they register and include their VAT ID in your invoices.

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  • Au matin pro

    simple, efficient, gets the job done. the team is available, fast and friendly. I highly recommend for sure

  • optikvibe

    There are lots of apps supporting custom login format but most of them didn't support VAT verification feature. But this app DOES!

    Also, I contacted the customer service several times asking them to fit the registration form design to my website and making the form as the default registration form and all of them were solved so quickly.

  • Components On Sale

    The app does what it says, simply perfect. The customer support is 5***** , amazing. They respond within 1-2 hours, they connect fix and update. I am really glad to pay their monthly fee, they deserve it.

Useful Features For Your B2B Store

Your B2B customers register an account using a special registration that requires entering a valid EU VAT ID. The form features fields common to most B2B customers like company name, address, phone number, etc. and can optionally be customized to fit your needs.

Foreign B2B customers are optionally set to tax exempt and you can apply tags to each newly registered B2B customer, which can be useful in combination with other apps to apply custom pricing, for example.

If you use apps like Order Printer Pro, Billbee, Sufio and others you can easily integrate your customers' VAT IDs in your invoices.

  • VAT ID Validation

    EU VAT IDs are validaten in real-time and only customers with a valid VAT ID can register. Customers without a VAT ID can still register using the default registration form.

  • B2B Registration Form

    When a customer enters a valid VAT ID, a full registration form with all relevant fields appears.

  • Automatic or Manual Customer Account Activation

    Send your B2B customers automatic account invites or, if you prefer, manually check each customer and then send out the invites manually.

  • Automatic Tax Exemption

    Foreign B2B customers are automatically set to tax exempt. You can see their VAT ID on their page in the admin in the top right corner.

  • Tags

    Automatically add tags to customers who register through B2B Handsfree and use additional apps to create customer groups, custom pricing and more.

  • Include the VAT ID in your invoices

    Include your customers' VAT IDs in your invoices. B2B Handsfree is compatible with Order Printer Pro, Billbee, Sufio and other apps.

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  • Order Printer Templates

    Order Printer Templates includes a checkbox to enable the display of the customer's VAT ID on their invoice.

  • Billbee

    B2B Handsfree saves the VAT ID to order attributes where Billbee can read it and include it in invoices.

  • Sufio

    Sufio is also compatible with B2B Handsfree and reads the VAT ID from the customer notes admin field.

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