B2B Handsfree FAQ

Where can I find the custom B2B registration form?

On the app's dashboard page, click the View page button in the box titled View registration page.

Where can I can find the VAT ID of a customer on my store?

You'll find the VAT ID of a customer in two places:

The customer's note field:

And on the order page of every order of this customer inside your admin:

How can I include the VAT ID of B2B customers on my Order Printer invoices?

In your invoice template in the Order Printer app, insert the code
{{ attributes.vatid }}
wherever you want the VAT ID to appear.

Outside the context of an order you can also access the customer's VAT ID in using this Liquid code snippet:
{{ customer.metafields.a9design_b2breg.vatid }}

Why are my customers still being charged VAT even though they're set to tax-exempt?

Shopify calculates and charges VAT based on the tax settings you configure under Settings -> Taxes. If you've checked the setting "Show all prices with tax included", Shopify will not deduct VAT from prices, even if a customer is tax-exempt. It will only show the VAT as zero, but the price will stay the same. If you want tax-exempt customers to pay ex-VAT prices, you will need to uncheck this setting and adjust your product (and possibly shipping) prices accordingly.

So the only way you can charge true ex-VAT prices to B2B customers is by changing all prices to not include tax and changing the tax setting in Settings -> Taxes accordingly. However, when prices are set to ex-VAT, they will show as ex-VAT prices on the storefront. If you're also selling to consumers, you would have to display prices including VAT. This would require modifying the theme to calculate and display VAT-inclusive prices bases on the ex-VAT prices you've set in the admin. That way all customers would see VAT-inclusive prices in the storefront, but B2B customers who are set to tax-exempt would not be charged VAT at checkout and would pay the ex-VAT prices set in the admin.

If you sell to B2B and B2C customers through the same store and need help making these modifications to your store's theme, get in touch.

How do I add a link to our privacy policy to the registration form?

In your Shopify Admin, head over to Online store -> Themes and then click on the Actions button next to the theme. In the dropdown that appears, click on Edit languages.

On the page for editing your theme's language, select the tab B2b registration. The field Gdpr html contains the text shown on the registration page near the Submit button and you can insert a link into the text using HTML.

Assuming your privacy policy is located at /policies/privacy-policy you would enter a text similar to the following:

By registering an account on our store you accept our <a href="/policies/privacy-policy">privacy policy</a>.

How do I uninstall the app?

You can uninstall the app like any other Shopify app by going to Apps in your Shop's admin and clicking the icon to delete the app. After the app is removed from your store, you may want to delete the custom registration form the app created when you installed it. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Online Store -> Pages in your store's admin.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the page named Register (B2B). If you changed the name if this page, select the appropriate page.
  3. From the Actions dropdown menu select Delete pages and confirm the deletion of the page.
  4. Go to Online Store -> Themes, click the Actions dropdown menu next to the active theme and then click Edit code.
  5. In the code editor, find a file named page.b2bapp.liquid in the templates folder.
  6. Click the file to open it in the editor and then click the Delete button in the top right corner of the editor and confirm the deletion of the file.
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